Test Blog Post With Various Blocks & Elements

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This is a SECOND H1, Don’t Do This

This is an H2, Use These

H3 is great for a subheading

I use H4 occasionally

H5 is rarely used
Who even uses an H6 tag?

Here’s a paragraph, right underneath that heading above. How is the spacing and font size? Lets throw in some Lorem.

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  • This is a standard bulleted list
  • Another item
  • Item #3
  • A bolded item
  • Item italicized
  • Good enough
  1. We can also have an ordered list
  2. Just a standard list with numbers
  3. Pretty straightforward

Here is the default pullquote styling for the theme. Do or do not, there is no try.

Here's the preformatted block. I don't use these very often, but I feel like I should play with them a bit more because there are some interesting use cases. For now, this is just a default test.
Such a nice little placeholder image

Why don’t we put in another paragraph here just to see what the spacing looks like under that image.

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